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Everything you want to know about Vita-Basket

We believe that, with lifestyles getting busier, people want but don’t find enough time for their health. It is time we start acknowledging the requirements of a healthy body and make favourable changes to our eating habits. Which investment is better than a healthy investment!

Salad is not a side dish. Salads do not necessarily mean cut cucumbers, onions and tomatoes. Good salads are nutritious, tasty and filling.There are varieties of salads, which serve all purposes and are surely healthier than our common eating choices. If you see around the world, the people use to have healthy salads as their one time meal.

Eating healthy can sometimes be tedious… slow, and not very tasty. We would like to think “Vita-Basket” has changed that. At The Vita-Basket eating healthy is a quick and easy process.

Customers credit us for helping them lose weight, and more importantly improving their overall health. On the flip side, we also believe you should also enjoy your life to the fullest and eat what so ever you want. Our menu also offers a wide variety of oil free sandwiches , healthy shakes along with the best ingredients.