Vita Basket
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Our Story


saurabh pandey

Durgesh Rathore

Tarun Sahawani

Some things which are common in between us: Fearless , Believe in our self , Trust , Honesty , Create, Innovate, Dream, Attitude, Madness, Top Speed, Style, Strong and Why Not?

23 Year ago we met …!!

From the very first day of student life i.e. nursery we were together. Day by day our bonding got stronger. We used to laugh, cry , fight , travel , party hard , play , together . There was something which is common in each of us but earlier we never used to share with each other. After schooling , we were separated in different fields in college life , but the thing which we never shared remains same inside in each of us & the thing was, we always wanted to serve our duties in Bhopal only because we born & bought up in Bhopal & there is something in Bhopal which makes different & the best place in the country after that we took an initiative in order to serve Bhopal healthy , fresh , nutritive & affordable good food. We know share our dreams : Vita Basket binds us.

We love working hard to continuously improve and stay close to perfection. We wish to be a part of the Vita Basket of all our customers.

Together, we are investing our lives in this adventure not just to create a brand or to earn money only. We admittedly believe that there is a dearth of unadulterated and genuine eating options in our vicinity. In fact, we have taken a bigger responsibility on ourselves, just to provide good salads. We wish to compliment eating habits with better alternatives and make salads a part of Indian mainstream diet. Well, we love our salads and they are really filling. We love challenges and seek them from you to help us become better, faster. Please feel free to drop in any number of suggestions, feedback, ideas, complaints, challenges or just a sweet hello at We need your love to serve and grow. We assure you of our best, always.


We don’t pretend to be healthy; we are!