Vita Basket
30, Below Chetak Bridge, Kasturba Nagar , Bhopal - 462011
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What We DO?

We are foolishly focused.

We just do salads, healthy sandwiches & shakes.

We pluck them fresh, we toss them fresh and transport those lovelies fresh.

All our fruits & vegetables are premium picks and our salads are made to order.

And we believe in timely delivery..

We deliver in 45 minutes in Bhopal.


“Your body is like a fine automobile, if you put cheap poor quality gas in it, you will save a little now but pay for it later… same goes for the food you eat!”

Catering by Vita-Basket is available for Business Meetings, Office , Conference, parties and or any occasion:



"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking."

Why on Earth, we consume anything less than the best, if it is affordable? Each ingredient in your salad has gone through various filtering gates, quality checks and validation from experts. We invest heavily to procure the bests. We hand-pick fresh fruits & vegetables every morning from various places – including reputed vendors & native growers. Vita Basket makes no compromises regarding quality, and this is a promise.

Speciality of Our product.

"Our philosophy is to do less, but to do it well”.

We hate confusing our customers. That’s why we have a beautifully simple menu comprising of super-tasty salads, oil free sandwiches, and healthy shakes. Each recipe is a result of joint work with revered chefs and food consultants; a fairly detailed primary & secondary research and a multitude of product testing sessions. We strive for continuous improvement and look forward to enhance our menu based on your feedback and our directional fit.


"Hygiene is a habit, discipline is a need and processes lead uniformity."

Maintaining standards just to impress visitors and to seek certifications is not cool. We are committed to our responsibility and ensure utmost care in making each plates of salad. Our kitchen is fabricated with highest food grade equipment and tools. Personal hygiene of kitchen crew and rest of the team is closely monitored. All the raw ingredients are properly sanitized using global standard techniques. Dry areas of food storage and food handling are continuously decontaminated


"We have short wings but long dreams."

We understand the power of IT and it shall always be our primary channel to connect with and serve our customers. In an endeavor to provide with a superb customer experience, we have introduced ordering through call order, website order,facebook & serving happily our company outlet customers. In addition, we have developed user-friendly ordering functionalities on our website.


"It’s all about people."

We provide with a challenging and pleasurable working environment, employee focused policies and a flat organizational design. Our Endeavour is to grow unanimously and we measure growth on the scale of happiness. Our employees are our team; and together, we work really hard. We find time to enjoy and do things which we like doing outside of work. We ensure that all of us learn from each other in order to grow personally. We take out time for learning languages, computer applications, riding, driving, playing games and everything else that the team aspires to. We party a lot too. It is fun to work with Vita basket. All it requires is madness.